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Honeycomb now ready to post! These delicious golden bites are the most natural form of honey you can get. There is no processing other than being removed from the hive. It is a combination of flavours, textures and aromas you won't find anywhere else. Weight varies as this is such a natural product, ranging from 150-300g.

There are many ways to enjoy these golden bites... you can spread them on a hot buttered English muffin, or on hot biscuits, pancakes or French toast. You can serve with cheese and fruit as a gourmet treat. For the ultimate indulgence you can place a dollop of double thick cream on a wafer thin cracker and add a wedge of honeycomb on top!

Balina Honey is always 100% pure, raw and natural so both the honey and comb are edible.

Golden bites Honeycomb pieces

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