We are a small family business, a true Cottage Industry, in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia. This region if renowned for it's clean, green, ethical, artisan approach to food production.  Our property, "Sheer Falls", is also our home and business centre. We are nestled into the base of the Blackwall Range, backing onto the Uralba Nature Reserve. 

We take great care to NOT apply heat during any stage of extraction ,
filtering or bottling. We do not mix batches of honey and our Apiary and Extraction Workshop/Storage area is completely Chemical Free.

This special honey of ours is made by hand, in small batches, and is
full of the live components natural raw honey contains. We gravity filter the honey cold through light fabric filters.  We use steam and boiling water, to clean our equipment.


During the Business growth phase we have evolved into Candle Makers, and make a number of other items (such as lip balm and Jubes).  This came about due to our commitment to minimise waste, and use all our by-products.

Rob is a 3rd Generation Beekeeper, and his father Ron is a Master Beekeeper.
We don't interfere with the natural production of the hives, and we don't over
farm them.  Rob handles the Beekeeping and Online elements of the business.

Rebecca manages the Local distributors, Catering, Bulk, Specialty items and farm gate sales.

Know where your whole foods come from - Know your local Bee Keeper