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Sorry no sales to Western Australia, or Kangaroo Island for Honey due to federal quarantine law.


Sales into Tasmania are fine as we meet/exceed the quarantine requirements. The Tasmania sales have to be declared with Australia Post, and we take care of notifying Biosecurity with parcel labelling and background emailing. This process shouldn't add any extra delivery time.

On our family farm, and in the nearby suburbs, we keep around 30 bee hives all year round, in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

These hives provide us with a small surplus of Wildflower / Eucalypt / Rainforest / Paperbark honey for sale, and that is what is being auctioned here.

The honey is removed from the bee hives, and extracted that day, and bottled around 1 week later after some settling, and simple filtering.

Nothing is added to the honey to 'fill it out' - Only what is inside the bee hive, makes it into these jars - 100% Pure Raw, Natural Honey.

Everything we do between the bee hives, and the jars is done 'cold'.

We do not use hot knives, and we dont pasteurise, or heat the honey in any way.

Everything is done as simply as possible at a relaxingly slow pace to preserve the natural qualities of what the hive is producing.

This is as pure and natural a product that Honey can be.

The gravity filtering system we use is very minimal. We end up with a very clear and clean looking honey, with some small amounts of pollen and wax in the jar.

Many people have told us that our honey reminds them of their childhood, and what 'Honey used to taste like'.

This honey can, and does go 'Candy' after time - Only pure/real honey does this.

The jar can be placed in warm water to reliquify if needed - Please don't kill it in the microwave!!

The new plastic jars are fitted with a tamper band lid, and our labels contain the required nutritional panel, and our address and contact details.

The listing is for 1 jar, and you are dealing directly with the farmer for this product.

Shipped within 1 Business Day / 24 Hours of Payment Cleared.

1 Jar of 500 Gram Pure Raw Ballina Honey

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