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This is our Basic Premixed Melt and Wax Wrap kit.

All ingredients already mixed to our recipe.

This kit contains enough ingredients to make at least 5 large (35cm x 35cm) Beeswax Wraps from scratch.

Contained in the premade kit is* beeswax (from our hives)* hand ground pine tree Gum Rosin* jojoba oil* instruction brochure.

Simpley Melt the Block of Premixed Ingredients.

You just need to choose your favourite 100% cotton fabric and follow the instructions.

You can re wax wraps that have become a little less sticky or cracked, thereby extending their life.

Wax food wraps, or Eco covers, are a natural plastic alternative.

They are easy to make, easy to use and easy to clean.

They make a great gift.

They can be used to cover lefts overs, wrap lunches for outings or school.

They can even be folded or sewn into pockets to hold nuts, sultanas etc.Item

Weight is 200 grams.

Shipped within 1 Business Day / 24 Hours of Payment Cleared.


Sales into Western Australia and Tasmania are fine as we meet/exceed the quarantine requirements. The Tasmania sales have to be declared with Australia Post, and we take care of notifying Biosecurity with parcel labelling and background emailing. This process shouldn't add any extra delivery time.

Easy Melt & Pour Premixed block to make 5 Bees Wax Wraps + Instructions

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