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These Candles are 100% filtered bee keepers, bees wax, and have a burn time of roughly 9 hours indoors (with no drafts) when used in a holder.


Diameter of bottom is 35mm and tapers up to a diameter of 43 . Height is roughly 43 mm on a typical candle.


Colours vary naturally like the wax colour varies through out the year depending on the bee forage.


These Votives are hand made / hand crafted. The sizes, colours, finish, and wick positions can vary slightly - Please look at all the photo's for the listing, as they form part of the description.


The flames burn nice and bright, and are residue free, unlike any of the Soy and Parafin versions you see for sale.


Perfect for burning in buildings that have stained glass windows / churches etc, and also where you need a lovely natural de-oderiser.


The Votive Candles are as shown - They are not moulded in aluminium or poly carbonate cups that end up as land fill - you will need a re-usable holder or re-usable burner glass. (There is 1 included in the package).


The wicks are 100% cotton, and are lead free. The water used to clean the wax is harvested on our property and contains no chlorine.


Shipped within 1 Business Day / 24 Hours of Payment Cleared.


We live out of town and visit the post office once a day at 6:30am. Cut off time for orders is 4:30am. Anything purchased before 4:30am will go out that morning.

7 Votive Beeswax Candles - 1 Glassware

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