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Email:  rob@ballinahoney.com.au                     Tel: 0412 157 593

These Beeswax pastilles are 100% filtered australian bee keepers, bees wax, and have a burn time of roughly 2 hours indoors. 

The flames burn nice and bright, and are residue free, unlike any of the Soy & Parafin versions you see for sale. 

Perfect for burning in buildings that have stained glass windows / churches etc, and also where you need a lovely natural de-oderiser.  

The wicks are 100% cotton, and are lead free. 

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Shipped within 1 Business Day / 24 Hours of Payment Cleared.

We live out of town and visit the post office once a day at 6:30am. Cut off time for orders is 4:30am. Anything purchased before 4:30am will go out that morning.

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