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Thank you for looking at our listing, Gum Rosin/Pine Resin.


We import it from Sumatra, Indonesia, as very large chunks and smash it into smaller chunks by hand, for ease of use. The powdered rosin is made by further breaking up the small chunks into a very fine powder, otherwise the chunks and powder are exactly the same.


Why choose chunks or powder? Some people find the powder easier to use as you can sprinkle it on for melting/ironing. The powder does melt down a little quicker than the chunks. The chunks would need to be broken down for that. The chunks have a melting point of 80 degrees Celsius, and can be melted in a mix of wax and oil.


What is it used for? Rosin/Resin is used to add flexibility and tackiness to beeswax cloth wraps. Also used to make environmentally friendly surfboard wax. Other uses include stringed instrument rosin, food additive/masticatory ingredient in chewing and bubble gum, as a suspending agent in drinks and wine, and as a depilating agent in hair removal treatments.


Why is it referred to as both Pine Resin AND Gum Rosin? The term Pine Resin is used broadly, much like the term “milk”. People most commonly search for Pine Resin, so we must use that searchable term.


Our product is actually Gum Rosin. Gum Rosin is specifically made by extracting the natural oil from tree sap, using a technique of distilling (like moonshine!) that has been used for hundreds of years.


We chose this type of rosin to use and sell as it is sustainably farmed. The trees remain standing, the tree sap is captured in small containers attached to the trees, called Scar Trees. The scars are continually worked/scrapped to make the tree “bleed” sap in a process called tapping.


We choose to use Pinus Merkusii (Sumatran Pine) because it is naturally quite sticky, the little bit of added tack is beneficial when wanting to make wraps “stick” to items. The use of the heat of the hand to soften the wrap onto the item also helps.


Gum Rosin is NOT classified as a hazardous or dangerous substance, and does not require any special labelling (as per Chemwatch 4054-76). If you are sensitive to the soap products brand name Pinetarsol, you would possibly have a localised skin reaction to the rosin due to direct contact with a pine based substance. To be using Pinetarsol you would already know you have extremely sensitive skin that reacts to many substanes.


Pine sap is not a highly allergic agent to the greater population. Some substances called Pine Resin can be more industrial than natural, and are used in the manufacture of varnishs and polishes, and can be gathered used wood chip pulping techniques. We DO NOT sell that, we sell Pinus Merkusii Gum Rosin.


Why do some people choose to use Damar Resin/Gum? Damar resin is also a Plant Resin. It has many of the same features and uses as our Gum Rosin. The main difference is Damar comes from a different tree species (Dipterocarpaceae – namely Shoea and Hopea). It’s toxicity is low, but as with any product allergies can occur in a person sensitive to it’s components.


We have been involved in making bees wax wraps for around 7 years in Australia, and we have imported rosins and resin from all over the world in this time. This Indonesian Rosin is easily the best and highest quality, and gives repeatable results when mixed with our other 2 ingredients of beeswax and jojoba oil.


We could sell the cheaper resins like our competition, but those products simply don’t perform – end of story!


For Department of Education, Schools, Large Community Groups etc, we can invoice directly to your Finance Department by setting up an account. Contact Rebecca to discuss.


We live out of town and visit the post office once a day at 6:30am.


For order weights over 15kg, please select the over 15kg option at checkout. There is so much variation since October 2019 on Australia Post Heavy Cartons and Courier Pricing, WIX stores cant automate that, and I will need to quote sorry to get the best shipping deal as we ship all over Australia and the prices change enormously. Please dont just go ahead with payment without considering this, as we will just refund your payment. We will reply for any quoting ASAP.

Cut off time for orders is 4:30am. Anything purchased before 4:30am will go out that morning.


If you have any other questions please get in touch.


1000 gram Gum Rosin Chunks (Colophony, Pine Resin)

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