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As a part of our Bee Keeping & Honey Operation, one of the byproducts is Bees Wax.

This wax has been triple paper filtered and is spotless. (AA Grade)

It is the same standard of food grade wax that we make all of our candles and lip balm from.

The molds used to shape the wax blocks are made from silicone, not metal / aluminium for anyone that is super sensitive to metals.

Colours vary naturally like the wax colour varies throughout the year depending on the bees forage source plants.

Our entire Beekeeping operation is chemical free, and we harvest our own rain water for cleaning the wax - The water contains no chlorine.

Sales into Western Australia and Tasmania are fine as we meet/exceed the quarantine requirements. The Tasmania sales have to be declared with Australia Post, and we take care of notifying Biosecurity with parcel labelling and background emailing. This process shouldn't add any extra delivery time.

Shipped within 1 Business Day / 24 Hours of Payment Cleared.

We live out of town and visit the post office once a day at 6:30am.

Cut off time for orders is 4:30am. Anything purchased before 4:30am will go out that morning.


100 gram block pure FoodGrade Beeswax

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